Darren Harvey - Regan at Copperfield

The Erratics

Taking its title from geology, where erratics are described as boulders and rocks that are foreign to their environment, moved through ancient glacial displacement from former sites tens of thousands of years ago, Harvey-Regan presents at Copperfield a number of photo and sculptural works. 

That both mediums allow him to explore a hinterland of abstraction and surface is in no doubt. The artist favours chalk as oppose to harder stone and the images are photographs taken in Egypt's Western Desert and the sculptures are from rockfall along Britain's coastline. The images are without scale but the implication is that these are vast windswept stacks, in contrast the sculptures here are all of a similar size to a child's torso and are displayed at increasing height on plinths raising into the gallery corner. He has largely kept the jagged rough edges of the rocks and then carved in geometric accurate planes. Triangles and inversed pyramids appear mathematically against and in the natural exteriors. 

Chalk can be incredibly dusty but there is a matt blank perfection to these works, a depthlessness in sculptures at odds with the high gloss photo frames, where in each image you are unavoidably met with your reflection or that of the other images across the room. It is not an easy show, the angles of the plinths in the photography merge with the rocks and the brilliant white of the three dimensional work lit from above appears as a range of shadows and shade against the gallery walls. 

Everything overlaps, nothing is quite as it seems. It's a powerful show, one that chisels into the mind, I've found myself dwelling on these pieces a lot. It's very satisfying to see an artist so completely command a common theme in different media; these works are presented as a whole hugely successfully.

http://www.copperfieldgallery.com/darren-harvey-regan-erratics.html until March 5t