Sprayed at Gagosian, Britannia Street

The redevelopment of Kings Cross continues unabated. Not enough that it now supports Eurostar, Central St Martins and the Guardian, now it looks to habour Google, Camden Council and thousands of luxury flats. For some years there has been little more satisfying for local art loving workers than popping into Gagosian Britannia St of a lunch time. The space is vast, the galleries are so big some of the biggest indoor art you will ever see has almost certainly graced its walls or floors.

This years' summer group show is called Sprayed and it brings together work done with or involving the spray of a mark making material - not just spray paint alone: one of Andy Warhol's Oxidation paintings is in the second gallery and that involved him merely pissing on a sheet of copper. 

Heaven by Ed Ruscha, 1988

Heaven by Ed Ruscha, 1988

There are almost ninety works on show, ranging in every permutation - new and old, huge and small, relatively unknown and globally famous. Ed Ruscha has a familiar piece from his LA environs, Kim Gorden exhibits work more recent than her Sonic Youth career, Anish Kapoor's still untitled work from this year confounds as you loose your head in a featureless pink void you can neither accept as concave or convex. More than a few artists challenge the two dimensions of wall based work and Piero Golia's Intermission Painting #8 green to purple is a huge physical chunk of a work looking far heavier in front of you than it can possibly be to mount. 

Takashi Murakami, Julian Schnabel, Jean-Michel Basquait, Christopher Wool and Jeff Koons with many others all feature and with work fitting for the space, you will see some canvases six metres across or more. It's a wonderful facility for the people of Kings Cross to enjoy but this exhibition is broad and big enough to more than merit a journey there in its own right. 

http://www.gagosian.com/exhibitions/sprayed--june-11-2015 until August 1st