Larry Bell at White Cube, Mason's Yard

2D - 3D: Glass & Vapour 

Larry Bell is a Californian based artist in his seventies and this show represents his fourth with White Cube. He works across different mediums and this exhibition includes work from both the last year but also reaching back to the late 1960s. 

On the ground floor the gallery is displaying 'Light Knots' all entitled variations of 3D VD, they are ribbons of polyester film curved and spun, wrapped around themselves and held taught in plastic vitrines. What makes them so attractive is the coating of a metallic sheen, there are oil slick spectrums of colour reflected from a dark, almost burnt background which seamlessly shift to a clear transparency. It's quite unlike most experience of surface we are met with in a sculpture or a two dimensional piece. 

For more than fifty years Bell has used an industrial vacuum in his studio to create his work merging an artificial, clinical machine-like perfection of process with a more human poetic use of colour and light; in the lower galleries this is demonstrated by further works on paper and sculptural pieces attached to the East and West walls as well as prominently in the middle of the space. 

Corner Lamp SB 8 (single bevel) by Larry Bell

Corner Lamp SB 8 (single bevel) by Larry Bell

A halogen beam creates a rainbow under a set of shelves, illuminating nickel-chrome alloy to beam an ark of colour beneath the structural formation. In the far corner a similar spotlight shines on a semicircular glass protrusion to reveal a warm pink glow, deepening as it nears the centre.

They are subtle works and require some time to absorb, a few more minutes circling each piece unearths more and more variation and shimmer. The show is well balanced, with new and old works alike and a pleasant volume of different mediums to enjoy. until September 26th