Gilbert & George at the White Cube, Bermondsey

The Banners

The well tailored living sculpture are prolific, not only do they continue to live out their lives in semi-public as a duo continuously but their relationship with the White Cube means that they exhibit more frequently than any other artists on Jay Jopling's roster. This is a small show however and only exists in the 9x9x9 space, painted grey for the occasion. Having said that, it makes areal impact.

These are quasi-political flags made in haste and frustration, they imbibe anger and are quite literally action paintings compared to the pair's increasingly slick output. No amount of shit, nudity or expletives their work has portrayed over the decades has ever been so immediate. Painted on white cloth in just black and red, these items are worlds away from the frame-constructions that have become increasingly perfect, the more computers have played their part and the printers have improved their reproduction. 

In a time of unrest, with disquiet about benefit cuts and public spending cuts affecting the whole country these are exaggerations, knee-jerk reactions, ludicrous demands; extensions going far beyond what will congregate on British streets. And they are all the more entertaining because of it. until 24th January